Hi, This is Nishka

So glad you decided to stop by and read, because you know, reading started it for me!

What’s IT?

Thoughts, ideas, opinions…so much more than the words I read.

This blog is an attempt to pen down the diverse ideas, thoughts, views and anything else in-between that crams up my mind- all those things that started with reading but will end I know not where…

Who am I?

A reader who writes and a writer who can’t stop reading.

I have been reading since I could identify words and I have been writing professionally since 2008.

What do I write?

  • Blogs for corporates and professionals
  • Whitepapers and other research based articles
  • Animation scripts
  • LinkedIn articles
  • Long copywriting
  • Ghostwrite books for professionals
  • Stories for children
  • My blog (ocassionally)