True Courage

DEATH said it... Tiffany Aching said it... Sam Vimes said it... Granny Weatherwax said it... “Evil begins when you begin treating people as things.” Of course Terry Pratchett said it…through them all. And if you think about it, most of our problems stem from just this… “He should move away/die/believe only me/ walk only in…Read more True Courage


It’s not just me…

I thought I was the only one...   The only one who couldn’t review books.   I love books and if I don’t read anything in a day the day feels incomplete...yet for the life of me I find rating books even books that didn’t catch my fancy as hard ...    I feel completely…Read more It’s not just me…

Jonathan Livingston Seagull

  So many memories with this book... Starts when I was 10, with my aunt painting an allegorical story to describe the idea behind this book... Age unknown (maybe after 14) - read it...(absorbing it takes lifetime- be warned) In my 30' the Seth books-Nature of Personal Reality which described how Richard Bach got the inspiration…Read more Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Writing, me and an odd book review

I am quite chuffed up these days...One of my longest projects as a ghostwriter and one that really taught me to sit down and hammer away at words every day is finally getting published!(for the record it took me 2 years to write around 900 pages)And though I can't say anything more about it other…Read more Writing, me and an odd book review

Shadow of the Wind-Part II

There is something about South American writers- their mysteries are more than just that- they seep into dreams and take over your thoughts. Isabel Allende, Gabriel Garcia Marquez they inhabit the same world. Their characters are normal till the abnormal starts happening to them and they describe those abnormalities with such a sense of mystic…Read more Shadow of the Wind-Part II