Jonathan Livingston Seagull

  So many memories with this book... Starts when I was 10, with my aunt painting an allegorical story to describe the idea behind this book... Age unknown (maybe after 14) - read it...(absorbing it takes lifetime- be warned) In my 30' the Seth books-Nature of Personal Reality which described how Richard Bach got the inspiration…Read more Jonathan Livingston Seagull



The full stop in the heading was intentional. Memory is not just a word, it's a never ending sentence...but with these few memories I wish to enchain the past and stop it from fading.

Writing, me and an odd book review

I am quite chuffed up these days...One of my longest projects as a ghostwriter and one that really taught me to sit down and hammer away at words every day is finally getting published!(for the record it took me 2 years to write around 900 pages)And though I can't say anything more about it other…Read more Writing, me and an odd book review