Unfinished Poem

Holding on to time to read a few more lines



Once an ogre walking byHeld my trembling hand and asked me whydoes a one-eyed, wild haired walking gianthold such terror in my eyeswhen he can't stand straightnor see left or rightwhen his heightmakes him gravity's delightand his hair holds hornets nests, birds and pestsand things that bitehe cried his heartsteadied my handmade me understandI knew…Read more Ogre


words hidewords decievebut words never achievethe killing gunshotsof torturous thoughtsthat chime with the mind's dittythe thoughts stay inthe words stay outyet barriers can't holdthe tide when they flowthe wise saythink positivefor words send our thoughts and thoughts mould our actionsto destiny's flag do they fastento reach the flowering gardensleave behind the murky waterscreate your own…Read more thoughts